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Computers in the 21st century As common as they are in the 20th century, they are still a mystery to most people who use them. Even with the newest version of Steam Deck, hundreds of thousands of owners still struggle with the constant effort of maintaining and repairing their multi-hundred dollar device.

Fortunately, veterans of the computer community have realized that newcomers have a hard time properly maintaining their devices. And so they took it upon themselves to instruct others through the popular video sharing platform, YouTube.


Greg Salazar

A prominent trend in the PC community back in the day was content creators capturing computers sent in for repair by enthusiasts on video, as if giving a demonstration. Greg Salazar is someone who has continued that ancient tradition even today.

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His videos are concise and to the point, great for viewers looking for a quick reference rather than an in-depth discussion. This is not to say that he does little in the way of explanation. A high-quality stage with excellent lighting gives the audience a clear view of the work in progress.


It’s a known fact that the longer you own something, the worse it gets, and this also applies to computers. But this does not mean only the physical aspect. Even the processes of a computer’s functions become slower over time.

In that respect, it’s like movies that haven’t aged well for unexpected reasons. ThioJoe offers many videos on computer maintenance, both external and internal topics. That’s something that there aren’t a lot of creators out there. It provides visual aids to its instructions to guide viewers through the process of maintaining their computers.


If computer users have a problem, 98% of the time, Britec09 has the solution. With over 2,700 videos related to computer maintenance, Britec09 has been a prominent figure in the community for over 13 years. Even today, he continues to upload videos to solve other people’s problems.

He tackles every problem, from the big ones that thousands of people around the world have, to the smallest ones that they complain about in his comments section. His videos are straightforward, without any extra fluff that would distract from the main content.


Carey Holzman is a more traditional YouTuber, meaning he doesn’t use as many cuts or transitions, but rather gives the viewer the whole process. That can be good for a lot of things, but it’s not good for giving the audience less than an hour.

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However, viewers can at least be familiar with a step-by-step guide to their channel, which means there’s no chance of accidentally skipping a confusing step. He is deep in explanations, he gives the “why” to the device instead of acting, and because he has told the audience to do the same.

Pro Tech Show

When it comes to computers, there are always a number of issues that a user needs to resolve before declaring their device completely fixed. Rather than external or internal components, the Pro Tech Show focuses on software and how it can negatively affect a device.

Like the worst video consoles ever made, there is software that can come pre-installed on a person’s computer that does more harm than good. Pro Tech Show showcases this software and offers better alternatives by comparing them. This way, the audience can make a decision before they play and maybe put themselves in a difficult spot.


As the name suggests, this channel focuses on providing solutions in a very quick and short video format. This can often leave the viewer confused, however, as they may sometimes need to rewind to capture the information properly.

Although this does not make the content incomprehensible, the host is the famous Linus Sebastian, the face of the computer repair and maintenance community since the early 2010s. The Techquickie channel, however, provides answers to problems that users may not have thought about before, such as what happens if the computer does not shut down properly. Linus’ voice is clear and confident as someone who has become one of the perfect YouTube channels to be comfortable watching, a testament to all of his experience.

PC Focused

PC Centric does a variety of PC-related content, but mostly focuses on the process of building and repairing a PC. With over 500 thousand subscribers, the quality output of this channel is surprisingly high.

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Their explanations are well thought out, to the point, and often retain an aspect of comedy, a variable quite evident in the editing style. Fortunately, this does not detract from the main content, as even with these moments, the videos are released every 10-15 minutes.

Linus Tech tips

Although computer repair and maintenance has been on YouTube for over a decade, one figure has always been the face of it. And that figure is Linus Tech Tips, a man also known for some absurd things for making one of the most expensive video game controllers of all time.

With a whopping nearly 15 million subscribers on YouTube, Linus Tech Tips has become popular for his helpful tutorials and guides when it comes to computer or electronics related topics. He will often also experiment with newly released technology to see how it works with certain computer builds. All in all, its extensive history makes it a great source of knowledge on anything PC-related.


TechSource is a great channel for people with no prior experience in computer repair or maintenance. His explanations are calm and thorough, his setup is clear enough for the audience to see what happens when he directs his work.

And while he tends to keep his videos on the shorter side, he talks patiently enough that most viewers won’t even know until the end. Through most of his videos, he goes over the basics of preparing to upgrade or maintain a computer, mostly telling viewers which wires to disconnect and in what order to disassemble.


This content creator is a veteran in the field of PC related topics and their features. It used to focus on computer repair and maintenance, but today it is more focused on testing and experimenting with the latest graphics cards or other parts. However, from time to time, JayzTwoCents will occasionally do a fix on camera or a video guiding others through the process.

As such, one would expect his backlog to be full of informative videos for people who are doing computer maintenance for the first time. Occasionally, he’ll even build a computer on camera for a celebrity or teach someone in the know how to build one.

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