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REPRESENTATIVE TACARIGUA: Rebecca Douglas, one of the 24 women who competed in the Miss Universe TT pageant, with her grandmother Joy Douglas after participating in the preliminaries at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, on Saturday.

Some 24 young women, selected from across the country on Saturday night, came out to compete in the preliminary competition of the Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago 2022 beauty pageant, held at Naparima Bowl, San Fernando.

The finals will be next Sunday at the Queen’s Hall, Port of Spain. Appropriately titled “Return,” this is the first page in five years.

Each representative represents a city, town or region, and they are enthusiastically supported by their supporters of the audience.

The presentation begins with each representative giving a brief speech explaining the social cause they have agreed to promote, after which there are the swimsuit and evening gown sections.

Many representatives state a personal reason for feeling drawn to represent their particular cause.

A representative, Tishelle Tobias, said that she is participating in the competition regardless of her body type.

Miss St Joseph Tanika Durity called for an end to cruelty to animals. Miss Arima Kirsha Brereton concluded her self-esteem message with a greeting in Spanish.

Alliyah Mentor, a medical doctor, promotes awareness of period pain in teenage girls.

Miss Tacarigua Rebecca Douglas, lawyer-at-law, vowed to be “something for the voiceless” against gender-based violence.

Also supporting the plight of women and girls is Miss Valsayn South, psychologist Tishanna Mitchell. Tobago is not left out, represented by Oshun Mills and Eulalie Fletcher.

Other agents prioritize issues of mental health, child neglect and family abuse.

The page has two tense moments.
One representative tripped and almost collapsed in her high heels but regained her balance at one point, to the relief of the audience who gave her a standing ovation.

A girl has to start her story again after losing her place in it.
Another representative began by exposing the growing cruelty but ended abruptly.

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