A new Vladivostok Bullet Hell Shooter is coming to Quest and PC VR next week | Job Binary

Developed by Mirowin and published by PM Studios, Desperate: Vladivostok brings the bullet hell arcade shooter to the Quest platform and PC VR on November 3rd.

Set in a post-Soviet world, Desperate: Vladivostok depicts the Perestroika era of the 1980s in a Cyberpunk-esque setting. Stepping into the shoes of a contract killer named “Torpedo”, your goal is to take down a political organized crime group by any means necessary. It portrays this story through comic-book-style scenes, accompanied by cell-dark visuals, reminiscent of this. Fracked and Borderlands 2.

With more than 50 “handcrafted scenes” and “reactive gameplay”, Desperate: Vladivostok promises an intense experience. Survival depends on your ability to hit, shoot and dodge levels, with each mission featuring a “unique dynamic soundtrack”. For high-scoring chasers, there are also global leaderboards to compete in for each level. If you’re after an endless mode, PM Studios confirmed in its Steam listing that a separate arena mode will also be available.

There is no end VR shooters and FPS games available, and we’ve seen several previous attempts at bullet hell games. As among the initial efforts Blasters of the universelast year’s Yukiand Pistol Whip get one bullet hell modifier update, it will be interesting to see how Desperate: Vladivostok compares.

Desperate: Vladivostok launches on November 3rd Meta Quest through platforms App Lab, to PC VR via Steam. A PSVR version is also planned, which PM Studios has told us will arrive in 2023.

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