A potential Steam feature would be a godsend for users with data caps or slow internet | Job Binary

On Thursday, SteamDB creator and regular dataminer Pavel Djundik he tweeted (Opens in a new tab) a new discovery in Steam’s code: “peer content” in client/server mode. Other programmers soon confirmed his claim: “Valve is apparently working on peer-to-peer Steam LAN.”

Peer-to-peer downloading might make you think of file-sharing software like Bittorrent, but this feature isn’t really about downloading games over the Internet: quite the opposite. The “LAN” item focuses on your local network, meaning one peer could be your desktop computer and the other could be your laptop or Steam Deck. Once the handheld gaming system is up and running, Valve is clearly interested in providing a way for players to transfer their game libraries to it without having to download them again.

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