A weak pound can represent your wealth | Job Binary

If you regularly check your investment portfolio, you may have noticed that your assets have fallen in recent months.

Market volatility was the reason Russian invasion of Ukrainehigh inflation and political unrest in the UK may have affected your portfolio.

The events that followed the budget announcement unsettled investors, many of whom sold UK assets, triggering further declines.

As mentioned in our previous article, it is important to note that markets usually rebound. So, if the value of your assets has fallen sharply in recent months, now is not the time to panic sell.

In fact, it can be beneficial to discuss investment opportunities with a financial planner when the pound is low. Perhaps if you use the weak pound as a buying opportunity, your portfolio could make a significant profit when markets rise. By being confident and buying assets when their value is low, you will reap rewards in the years to come.

Although past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and the value of your investments may go down as well as up, now may be a great time to discuss expanding your portfolio. Kelland’s Financial Planner.

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