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Abu Dhabi has launched a new funding program aimed at supporting research and innovation to combat life-threatening diseases.

The emirate’s Ministry of Health announced that the grant will be offered to those conducting clinical research projects in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, rare diseases, emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

It is also open to people with innovative technological ideas and solutions focused on smart hospitals and chronic disease prevention and management, the release said.

The winners will also receive guidance to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the project.

Applicants can submit their application at www.doh.gov.ae, but must work with a health facility in Abu Dhabi to finalize and submit their application.

Applications will be accepted over the next six weeks, but the grant amount has not been disclosed.

A committee of experts from the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) and the Abu Dhabi Health Research and Technology Committee reviewed and evaluated the feedback. It is chaired by Dr Asma Al Mannaei, Executive Director of the DoH Research and Innovation Centre.

“As part of the DoH’s efforts [support] With the capital’s position as a leading destination for life sciences and innovation, we are committed to enabling and empowering our community’s innovators and researchers to take their passion projects to the next stage,” he said.

“As Abu Dhabi provides the right environment for individuals and businesses to thrive, we are excited to present this grant that will expand clinical research capabilities in the emirate and conceptualize unique projects in the capital.

“We look forward to receiving and reading all proposals and guiding all applicants. This is an exciting milestone for the healthcare industry, spreading a nice bit of healthy competition among science and technology fanatics.

To provide the grant, DoH has partnered with the emirate’s healthcare sector, government and non-governmental organizations in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi is set to become a destination for clinical trials and collaborative healthcare research.

The emirate has an ambitious goal of capturing the world’s first population-wide genetic library, pioneering combined healthcare and building on past medical research collaborations with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Last year, G42 Healthcare launched Insights Research Organization and Solutions, a first-of-its-kind contract research organization in the UAE that supports internationally leading standards of scientific and ethical research, conducts clinical trials, reports and develops treatments.

The company launched following the success of Phase III clinical trials involving 130 nationalities for the development and testing of the country’s Covid-19 vaccine.

In March, the capital partnered with Pfizer to train and support 150 Abu Dhabi researchers to conduct clinical research at the level required by multinational companies to produce effective drugs.

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Updated: September 30, 2022 at 2:19 p.m

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