Abu Dhabi to establish UAE’s first eye and tissue bank | Job Binary

The DoH said in a statement on Wednesday that the agreement will enable the tissue bank to be created in three phases, including program design, implementation and management. In the early stages, both parties will focus on making the necessary arrangements for the Abu Dhabi Eye and Tissue Bank to serve as an importer of corneas and other eye-related tissues to the region, while integrating the eye and tissue bank program with the UAE National Organ Donation and Transplantation Program.

Meanwhile, Eversight is developing a comprehensive medical framework to standardize and operate all clinical functions and procedures of the Abu Dhabi Eye and Tissue Bank in line with international best practices.

“Following the guidance of our wise management, Abu Dhabi will continue to work with leading international bodies to improve its national healthcare operations on all fronts. We are proud to partner with Eversight today to create yet another impactful program to help sustain and improve lives in the UAE and beyond. Through this partnership, we aim to further improve healthcare outcomes and facilitate fast and seamless operations for all eye transplant patients in the UAE,” said Dr Al Kaabi.

“We encourage all members of the community to register their consent for post-mortem organ and tissue donation. While we work tirelessly to replicate Abu Dhabi’s position as a leading healthcare destination, we enable our community to participate in the journey of excellence through noble and emotional actions such as this,” he added.

“Our vision for the future is to expand our reach, connect more effectively with all communities and provide sight to all who need it. Our vision is a world without blindness. This partnership is a huge step towards that vision. This is the highlight of my 17 years of eye banking and we are very excited about the future,” said Erik Hellier, Global Director of Development at Eversight.

Eversight’s mission began in 1947, when the fourth eye bank in the United States was established, formerly known as the Illinois Eye-Bank. Over time, as the critical demand for corneal tissue to treat preventable blindness grew, nonprofit eye banks were established in every state. Thirty-eight years later, the Michigan Eye-Bank, founded in 1957, and the Illinois Eye-Bank formed a partnership that earned a reputation for clinical excellence and attracted affiliations with other regional eye banks. In 2015, the network was known as Eversight.

Meanwhile, the UAE continues to encourage organ donation among its residents, and Abu Dhabi is launching the Abu Dhabi Community Campaign to support Hayat, the UAE’s national organ donation and transplant program. The campaign was launched in the capital at the International Conference on Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation, and DoH Chairman Al Hamed was the first to register as an organ and tissue donor on the Hayat platform.

At the conference, leading experts in the UAE said the country’s transplant services have expanded rapidly since the nation defined brain death in 2016, paving the way for deceased organ and tissue donations. Since then, the UAE has seen 109 deceased organ donors save the lives of over 400 patients in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Recipients have received kidneys, hearts, livers, lungs, pancreases and bone marrow in transplant procedures at five transplant centers in the UAE.

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