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United Arab Emirates – The last time we spoke to AR Rahman, the music maestro was scheduled to perform at Expo 2020 Dubai. This time, the Indian musician will perform in Abu Dhabi, his first concert in the capital.

“It’s nice to come to Abu Dhabi,” the soft-spoken Rahman told City Times in his characteristic tones on Thursday evening. The musician recently had a great US tour, and before that he was heavily involved in the World Show. And when we say heavy, we mean that Rahman had several concerts, his compositions were played almost every week, and how can you forget the incredible Firdaus Orchestra, which is actually returning to the iconic Al Wasl Plaza on November 19.

Rahman last performed in Dubai in March at Expo 2020’s Jubilee Park just before the grand spectacle closed its doors. The success of his December concert at Expo 2020 inspired him for another. Maybe the love he’s garnering from the UAE public will make him want to come back.

And every time he does, he doesn’t disappoint.

This time around, Rahman has promised another great night filled with a reprise of all his songs. “We’ve curated a list of great singers, myself included,” he says, “and we’re giving you a musical experience of what’s been going on for 30 years.”

And we believe him because he said he just sits in his room and practices before the concert.

Rahman is credited with composing and producing, but the musician recently turned to directing. As a result, he made his directorial debut Le Muskvirtual reality movie with an international cast.

What Rahman thought would take two months to release took six years. “It’s because of all the technology involved,” he said. “Everything has to sync as it is in stereoscopy and use extreme haptics.”

Le MuskThe company’s founding dates back to when Rahman was living in Los Angeles and had “a lot of free time” to learn new things about camerawork and screenwriting, and attended numerous workshops. “That kind of went back, and then when we were talking about family, my wife said we should produce a movie,” he said. “Later, someone showed me virtual reality and I said, ‘Why don’t we do this?’

Rahman’s debut feature will first be set in Los Angeles; it’s on Sunset Boulevard for the next three months. It will also be installed in Toronto, Rahman says, with plans for Seattle, the Middle East and India after that.

The 55-year-old has composed, produced and now directed, so what’s next for AR Rahman, we asked. “I don’t know,” Rahman said with a laugh, “let’s keep it up.”

And when Rahman was asked about the secret to staying calm amidst all his activities, he claimed a rather insightful analogy. “If you’re not calm while driving, you could kill someone or be killed,” he said. “It’s like when you’re driving a car, you have many senses of what’s going to happen. So it’s important to keep your calm, it’s important to be spiritual, and it’s important to bring in what you feel from your own life. your own faith in art so that we can experience beauty.”

Rahman has worked with renowned Indian director Mani Ratnam for as long as he can remember, in fact the latter introduced the musician in Roja In 1992. Since then they have worked together in many projects (mainly Tamil) such as Bombay (1995), Guru (2007), Raavan’s (2010) and latest Ponniyin Selvyan – 1which was released last month.

“We’ve always worked together,” he said. “And for this movie, we did a lot of research.” The first composition tour was done in Bali about five years ago, and the overall experience has been great, says Rahman.

AR Rahman concert

on Saturday, October 29

Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi

Ticket prices start at Dh265

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