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He sought, he saw, and he conquered.

That is the short version of the story of Harnaaz Sandhu, the 21-year-old who recently won honor for India by becoming Miss Universe 2021 and bringing the title back home after 21 long years.

Harnaaz Sandhu
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From her floor standing to giving an answer that set the stage on fire, Harnaaz gracefully made her way to the top to become Miss Universe now.

And while people may have quenched their thirst to know more about who he is and where he came from, the question now is what’s next.

Curious to find out what benefits Harnaaz Sandhu will be rewarded with, now that she is Miss Universe, here is a list of all the things that will be at the beck and call of Sandhu because of her famous title.

1. The Miss Universe crown

Miss Universe crown
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One of the first things that Miss Universe has received after having won this world pageant, is the secret and magnificent crown, the exact price of which has not been revealed.

However, it is said that the jeweled crown of Miss Universe cost up to Rs 37 crores. It is called the most expensive beauty pageant on record to date.

2. Prize Money amount

Prize Money amount
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For participating in the competition and winning it first, it is reported that Harnaaz Sandhu has won a staggering amount of prize money.

Even though no official comment has been made on this prize money, Sandhu has allegedly received USD 250,000 which is around Rs 1.89 crores in Indian rupees.

3. Professional Team Of Experts

Apart from the honor and fame, Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu has also been given her own team of stylists, specialists and dermatologists, nutritionists, dentists, and more who will ensure that the Miss World is monitored and monitored in all areas.

The expenses of such a party shall be borne by the Miss Universe Organization.

4. Free Of Cost Travel

Another sport that has won the page is that Harnaaz Sandhu will be allowed to travel anywhere, from exclusive events, parties, shows and screens to even around the world on a tour with the Miss Universe Organization – free of charge never.

Your travel expenses, accommodation and even your food will all be taken care of.

5. Bedroom In New York

Bedroom In New York
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Harnaaz Sandhu has also got an apartment in New York for a year which he will have to share with Miss USA.

Miss Universe can stay there for as long as she wants and all her expenses, rent, restaurants and even clothes are completely free and will be organized by the Miss Universe Organization.

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