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In a big change in the paradigm for Bhutan, which is generally considered as a traditional and conservative country, will send a woman to the Miss Universe 2022 pageant.

23-year-old Tashi Choden Chombal was crowned Miss Bhutan 2022 and is now set to represent the country at Miss Universe 2022.

Choden is confident and proud of his sexual orientation.

Miss Bhutan 2022 Tashi Choden Chombal early life:

Tashi Choden was born in Nagaland to a Bhutanese mother and a Tibetan Khampa father.

He grew up in Nagaland till the age of three.

Meanwhile, his mother – Kinley Wangmo – hails from the Shaa region in Bhutan, Tashi’s father – Chombal is a Tibetan Khampa merchant from Nagaland.

The couple met in Thimphu – the capital of Bhutan – then got married and then moved to Nagaland.

However, Tashi and her mother returned to the Shaa region in Bhutan, as Tashi’s father traveled frequently for business.

Tragedy happened to Tashi at the beginning of his life, as his father lost his illness when he was only four years old.

Ten years later, her mother fell ill again, when Tashi was only 14 years old.

“They have some medical issues. They tried their best to hold on, but they passed,” said Tashi speaking through The Bhutanese.

Tashi, however, found support from her maternal grandmother, maternal grandmother and grandfather and her two half-siblings.

Work in the model:

Tashi started modeling at the age of 15.

Tashi developed a love for modeling and participated in shows and even pageants.

She also participates in pageants outside of Bhutan, such as the Northeast Fashion Week.

Tashi also won the Miss Indo-Bhutan pageant.

She also participated in Miss Asia and made it to the Top 15.

He also featured in Bhutanese films such as Singye and Nyingtonb.

Proud wife:

Tashi was among the first few people in Bhutan to openly sign his sexuality.

“In the beginning, I came out as a bisexual person on my Facebook account, but as I researched and read more, I realized that I am a woman who is passionate about myself and attracted to other women,” Tashi tell. The Bhutanese.

He received positive reactions from his friends who congratulated him and said that they knew how he gave it a shake.

The only struggle is to come out to your own family, which you do on International Pride Day on June 2, 2021.

He said that his family was very conservative, and the act was strong for his aunt and grandmother, but after a month or two, they also accepted the truth.

He said he and his female partner spend time together and do things that couples do, but they also give each other a chance.

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