Bungie responds to player complaints about weapon crafting | Job Binary

This past week at Bungie (Opens in a new tab) post grappling with one of the hottest topics in the Destiny 2 community: Weapon Crafting. Specifically, the balance of it. For an avid Destiny addict like myself, the addition of crafting has been a net positive, allowing me to build the perfect arsenal, carefully crafted with enhanced versions of the specific perks I want. For less committed (some might say more sane) players, the process of tracking crafting patterns and leveling up weapons can be time-consuming and tedious.

So much so that I think the recent emphasis on acquiring models—which requires you to find rare ‘red box’ drops of the same gun—has become Destiny 2’s main seasonal loop, and not in a positive way. Frustration with that process because the seasonal pattern has become the same is playing into the current complaints. Although I’m willing to admit that throwing hours into Shuro Chi raid encounters because it’s the most efficient way to grow trash groups for weapon level advancement isn’t a sign of a healthy system.

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