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Capcom might be working on releasing a VR version Resident Evil Village For PC, according to some hidden file changes. As it stands today, Capcom’s Resident Evil games have only received official VR support on PlayStation consoles Resident Evil 7 still effectively a PSVR exclusive, with no way to experience this version of the game on any other platform.

Even unofficial VR mods Resident Evil Village and its predecessors exist, official PlayStation builds are solid and reliable, offering players the best VR gaming experience. The community has long called for Capcom to support VR implementations across a wider range of platforms and devices, although nothing has happened on this front in any way, shape or form.


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Reddit user LitheBeep dug into the updated game files that were modded as part Resident Evil Village‘s new DLC release, Capcom has thrown in some weird VR-related references for some of them to discover. In particular, LitheBeep found code strings that bring OpenVR and SteamVR, as well as some of the most popular VR headsets, none of which could connect directly to the PSVR version. town by default What’s more, SteamDB indicates that Capcom itself recently added the “VR” tag to the game.

Even if Resident Evil The October 2022 showcase didn’t feature any major VR-related reveals, so it’s certainly not impossible that Capcom is working on something like this in the background. PC VR users have been wanting to play the official versions Resident Evil VR titles have been around since they first came out on the PlayStation, and allowing them to do so could score big points for Capcom in the long run.

With the expansion of Winters Resident Evil Village now that it’s fully released and ready to play, the big question that remains is whether Capcom has any further plans. RE, or if the company is ready to move on to its next flagship production. A platform-agnostic future could be provided by a VR version town a new life, and it could be the right way for Capcom to end this chapter Resident Evil.

Horror fans needn’t despair if Winters’ expansion is published RE: The town it’s the end, though. Resident Evil 4 Remake it’s not far off, and the snippets Capcom has shown so far suggest that the team is working hard to make the game feel as close to the original as possible, with improvements everywhere. they were needed

Resident Evil Village available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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