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Catriona Gray (Instagram)

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has shared her two cents about married women with children joining the popular beauty pageant.

Remember that last month, the organizers of Miss Universe Colombia announced that they will allow married women and mothers with children in their annual pageant.

Catriona thinks it’s “a step closer.”

“I think it’s really time to allow women in any capacity to go after the dream of being Miss Universe,” she said.

“Even so, I see that it will be difficult for a young mother with young children to carry the responsibility, the schedule that comes with being Miss Universe. I’ve been doing it for a year, and it’s a scary schedule,” he added: “It takes you to different worlds, and you never know where your schedule is going to take you.”

“But hopefully, with the opening of those degrees of inclusion in Miss Universe, they hope to give either guidelines or things to protect the interests of women and allow you to be there for your family and also to your responsibilities as Miss Universe,” he said.

Catriona believes that Miss Universe is a platform to represent something.

“Like, we went out there not as a nice image, but to have a voice and to be able to amplify that. And why does being married or being a mother prevent women from being able to do that, to be a spokesperson.”

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