Cruise ship passengers no longer need Al Hosni to access Abu Dhabi’s tourist attractions | Job Binary

Cruise ship passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi no longer need to show their Al Hosn green pass to enter tourist attractions and businesses.

Instead of an app, visitors are now issued special wristbands or “cruise passes” that give them access during their stay.

In a memo circulated on Monday, officials said that “passengers and crew arriving in Abu Dhabi on cruise ships are now exempted from the Green Pass protocol to access tourist attractions and facilities”.

“Cruise cards or cruise wristbands issued by cruise ships are used to identify passengers and crew to access tourism facilities without having to show their Green Pass on the Al Hosn app,” the statement said.

Al Hosni’s green passport system was introduced to allow people to show when their last negative PCR test was done and whether their Covid-19 vaccinations were up to date.

UAE residents and non-cruise ship tourists must have received two Covid-19 vaccinations plus a booster and a negative PCR test within the last 30 days to keep their green passport active.

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Updated: 10/10/2022 at 12:28 p.m

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