Deoghar: About 80 seats on Delhi-Kolkata flights have been booked till November 7 | Job Binary


Deoghar, October 29: A senior official of Indigo Airlines, while talking to, has confirmed that around 80 percent seats are booked for the first week of November. He says that after Diwali, the 186-seater plane in Delhi remains full, while the 76-seater plane in Kolkata faces the same fate.

Also, passengers will have to pay at least Rs 16,000 for flights to Delhi and Rs 4,400 per person for flights to Kolkata.

With the increase in passenger numbers, Indigo is taking an opportunity to make up for its earlier loss by charging higher fares for Delhi and Kolkata flights.

However, Business Federation like Santal Pargana is against the tariff hike. Talking to the regional president of Santal Pargana Chamber of Commerce Alok Mallick has criticized the fare hike policy.

He demanded the government to intervene and control the policy of raising fares of privately owned air service providers. He advocates a pragmatic policy.

A senior official, who requested anonymity, justifies the tariff increase as a phenomenon of market dynamism. He also denied the intention to increase the number of flights.

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