Doug Dobrowolski, Lauren Stone and Shannon Martin are seeking the PC nomination in Midland – | Job Binary

The race is on to elect a new Progressive Conservative (PC) candidate for the Midland riding in time for the fall 2023 provincial election.

Blaine Pedersen has long held the seat, but will not be up for re-election after his term ends.

A nomination meeting has been arranged for October 29 in Brunkilde, and notices have been sent to registered PC members.

There are three candidates the members can vote for. It features Doug Dobrowolski, Lauren Stone and Shannon Martin.

Gordon Simpson is President of the Midland PC Riding Association.

“I think everyone in the race now has been working, all three of them. Doug Dobrowolski, Lauren Stone and Shannon Martin have attended fairs and any other event in the Midland Constituency where they can get their name out there, and press the meat, sort of.”

Simpson said the doors to the meeting at the Brunkild Community Hall will open at around 9am on October 29. There, the three candidates will have the opportunity to give a speech and present their cases. However, voting can be done at any time of the morning starting with the assembly, but must be finished by 5:00 p.m

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