EA begins releasing a new PC app to replace Origin | Job Binary

It’s been two years since Origin announced it was working on the PC client, and now the new app is rolling out to Windows users. The EA app, which just finished open beta, is the publisher’s claim that it’s the fastest and lightest desktop client to date.

EA promises a streamlined design and hints that navigation will be easier. The app also seems to have improved social features, as you’ll be able to connect your EA account to platforms like Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, which can be very useful for games like cross-play. and . You’ll have a custom EA ID that should make it easy for your friends to recognize you.

The publisher says it will soon invite Origin users to switch to the new app. As you can imagine, all your stuff will be present, including your games, save data and friends list. It’s worth noting that the new client is currently only available on Windows PC. If you’re a MacOS user, you’ll be using the Origin for Mac app in the near future. However, EA has indicated that it will have more to share on this front in the coming months.

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