EA is launching a new PC app to replace Origin | Job Binary

After ten years, Electronic Arts is replacing Origin PC with EA App, a new desktop client for PC.

Today, EA announced the app’s release in a new blog post, calling it “the fastest and lightest PC client to date.” The EA app, which was in open beta before the announcement, is now out and will soon replace Origin entirely.

“For more than 10 years we’ve welcomed millions of players to our Origin platform, we’ve listened to your feedback and we recognize the limitations of this platform in a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape,” EA’s release reads.

“So we set out to build EA’s next-generation PC gaming platform – a faster, more reliable and easier gaming experience – the best place to discover EA’s incredible games, services and content.”

The EA app will focus more on social gaming and allow players to import friend lists from their Steam, Xbox and PlayStation accounts.

For current Origin users, the process of changing data will be quite simple: games, local and cloud saves, and friend lists will automatically transfer to the EA app.

The EA app is only available for PC gamers, and Mac gamers will still need to use Origin to launch games.

The EA app isn’t the only thing EA is working on. The company is currently working on quite a few games, including skateboarding. and its Dead Space remake.

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