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Assembly elections are near. Like previous years, we will again see thousands of first-time voters cast their ballots in Himachal Pradesh.

For first-time voters, the first step in exercising their franchise is to file Form 6. This application form is used to register new voters and ensure that their names appear in the final electoral roll.

What is Form 6?

It is an application to include one’s name in the electoral roll. Indian citizens who have attained the age of 18 or above are eligible to go through the process. Also, a person moving from a constituency where he/she is already registered should complete the form. It can be accessed here.

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Applicants have to provide details such as one’s name, age, gender, place of birth, usual place of residence and details of family members already in the electoral roll.

Any of the following documents can be attached as proof of date of birth – birth certificate, 10th class mark sheet, PAN card, passport, driving license or Aadhaar letter issued by UIDAI. If no proof of age is available, parents of first-time applicants must fill an oath or affirmation form.

As proof of ordinary residence, any of the following documents can be used – bank passbook, ration card, passport, driving license, rent agreement, income tax assessment order, water or electricity or telephone or gas bill in the name of the applicant or his next of kin or India Post in the name of the applicant at a specified address. Any post distributed by

When should it be submitted?

Although it can be submitted at any time, the application can be processed during electoral roll revision after publication of the draft electoral roll of the constituency.

Where should it be submitted?

The application can be submitted offline at designated locations (mostly polling stations) where the draft voter list is displayed, as well as at the offices of the Electoral Registration Officer and the constituency Assistant Electoral Registration Officer. The application can also be submitted online on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer of the concerned state.

If the revision program is not ongoing, it can be submitted to the Electoral Registration Officer or online only.

Incomplete application forms will be rejected, so all required information must be provided.

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