Foxhog Ventures invests in Swiss wealth management firm Van Sterling | Job Binary

Foxhog Ventures, the Indian arm of US-based Foxhog Ventures Corp, has announced an investment of €8,00,000 in Swiss wealth management firm Van Sterling through seed funding.

Van Sterling is an international provider of advisory and wealth management services, as well as helping to create investment structures for clients around the world.

“Foxhog is always in the process of investing in innovative companies around the world. Our investment in Van Sterling also opens doors for more investments in Europe,” said Tarun Poddar, Head & Managing Director, Foxhog India.

“We are delighted to welcome Van Sterling to our team. Foxhog’s mission is to focus entirely on expanding its market share, and with this investment, we have moved into the world of tokenizing financial transactions,” Poddar added.

Financial tokenization is a secure transaction method where a token or unique identifier is created for each supplier from the basket. It also increases payment security and the supplier does not store payment information for future use.

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