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The latest chapter of the NBA Global Games is here.

Before the 2022-23 season basketball franchises have shaken the globe and added the finishing touches to their pre-season preparations, with two matches between the 2021-22 league champions next for an international audience. Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

The first game, which takes place today (Thursday, October 6) at 12:00 PM ET (UTC -4), is expected to be an intriguing matchup with the Bucks retaining much of their title-winning roster against the revamped Hawks, who have made many signings. off-season, including netting All-Star Dejounte Murray.

“We want to build our habits during the regular season, so we’ll be ready for the playoffs when it matters most. Hold each other accountable as we build these habits — competitiveness as a team and competitiveness together,” Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer told reporters of his preseason intentions before tipoff.

Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela hinted at the Hawks’ building process when asked about his expectations for the game and the next regular season:

“It’s going to be competitive, but at the same time we know what’s in the long run and we’re just trying to get by and improve.

“I think we can go as far as we want to go. It’s going to be tough; it’s not going to be easy, but I think we can go all the way — that’s just my mindset and I believe that every year.”

After today’s game, the teams will meet for the second time on Saturday, October 8.

Abu Dhabi’s choice to host the two early season games is part of the NBA’s commitment to take the game abroad during the 2022-23 preseason and regular season.

Last week the current title holders Golden State Warriors won two preseason games against Washington Wizards In Tokyo, Japan in front of a packed crowd that included a tennis legend Naomi Osaka and Olympic champion in skateboarding Horigome Yuto.

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