Gotham Knights re-added Denuvo just hours after the patch was removed | Job Binary

Update: 15 hours after Gotham Knights’ first major patch removed Denuvo from the executable, a small follow-up patch added it back. What many players celebrated as a positive move was apparently an accident.

On Wednesday, Gotham Knights’ patch reduced its executable file size by 327.10 megabytes, As received by SteamDB, and players on Reddit reported that Denuvo was gone. That size is consistent with Denuvo’s anti-piracy DRM, which often adds hundreds of megabytes to a game’s .exe. Half a day later, another update added 315.6 megabytes back to exe—not quite the same number, but again in line with Denuvo’s usual .exe bloat. Denuvo is still listed on Gotham Knights’ Steam page.

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