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“Life is a learning process, so make the most of it,” goes the saying Harnaaz Sandhu firmly believe in

of India Harnaaz Sandhu made everyone proud when he took over LIVA Miss Diva World 2021. Now, the beauty queen is set to represent India are the Miss Universe 2021, to be held at the Red Sea Hotel in Eilat, Israel. Harnaaz describes himself as a fast learner. She is a kind and courageous girl, who always carries her passion with a strong attitude towards achieving her goals. The stunner is expected to be next Miss World from India, and trained under some of the best experts from the beauty and grooming industry. You are preparing hard to perfect your skills and level up next month!

In an interactive chat, Harnaaz spills the beans about her preparations for the much-anticipated Miss Universe pageant, her personal training experience, fondest memories, and more.

How do you feel about India’s representation in Miss Universe 2021?

I am filled with many emotions right now. I am excited and excited. I was just preparing a body file shoot with my team and this time I was holding the Indian flag in my hand; I almost cried. I don’t know how to express this feeling. Is this really happening? I’m feeling tired. But my focus is on the goal, making my country proud, giving it my best shot, and leaving it all in the hands of the world! I’m a mixed bag right now—grateful, and nervous for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I want to make the most of.

What kind of response do you get from your loved ones and family, or from all over the world?

It was a great privilege to see how people showed me love, respect, and support from the very beginning. Their faith in me makes me want to win this crown for them and for India. It makes me feel all-in pushing towards the goal. A word of appreciation or support is enough to change your mindset. It can make you very enthusiastic and motivated. It can make you feel that you want to do well, not only for you but for those who have a lot of faith in you as well. So I think they should just do that because they don’t know how powerful it makes me feel!

How are you preparing for the highly anticipated Miss Universe pageant?

It was hectic and tough. The beginning is always challenging. The first few weeks of training were taxing and there were times when I doubted myself, for a short period of time. But the team stood by me and we worked together day in and day out.

What all goes into your training? Can you elaborate on the experience?

I have been trained in the areas of communication, ramp walking, hair, and makeup among many other things that are important and necessary for Miss Universe.

It was great to see my creative side; The advisors are very helpful and very welcoming. Every time I have a meeting with them, they comfort me, push me and show faith in me; they are like family. They have worked hard to make me the best version of myself.

Talked about it wardrobeWhat are the different looks for Miss Universe 2021?

India is a country of diversity, and I love Indian clothing! My friends and colleagues, you will all fall in love with my wardrobe. The team has been working hard and also the pageant’s illustrator, Bharat Gupta. EI makes applications every single day. I hope everyone loves my clothes as much as I love them.

One memory you will always cherish when you look back on this trip?

I remember I was able to show my talents-mimicry, singing and dancing-during the talent round. While I was on stage imitating, I realized that my only goal at that time was to make people laugh and smile. That’s a great memory. Although I was competing with my fellow sisters, that day I was just competing with myself. It was one of the happiest moments of my trip.

The beauty queen trained under the following legends from the salon – Skin Care Expert: Dr. Jamuna Pai, Smile Therapy Expert: Dr. Sandesh Mayekar, Ramp Walk Trainer: Deepti Gujral, Pilates Expert: Samir Purohit and Namrata Purohit, Gym Partner: Styling, Hair Artist: Kromakay, Makeup Expert: Ayesha Seth, Salon Associate: Savio John Pereira, Sound Work Expert: Monaz Ranina, Communication Expert: Supreet Bedi, Hair Associate: Kaiser Hair, Luggage Associate: Nasher Miles, Footwear Associate official : Oceedee, Sash by Fhaze London.

Her dress for the pageant was styled by experts: Fashion Director – Bharat Gupta, Finale Gown Designer – Saisha Shinde

For National Costume: Costume Courtesy – Abhinav Mishra, and Prop Style by – REZA.

She wore the clothes of designers – Pankaj and Nidhi, Sawan Gandhi, Rocky S, Mandira Work, Nidhi Yasha, Bloni, Shivan & Narresh, Shahin Mannan, Vidhi Vadhwani, Abhishek Sharma, Varun Nidhika, AAxA, Rudraksh Dwivedi, Rohit Kamra, RSR by Riti Rahul Shah, RARStudio, Ayra, Mannat Gupta, DL Maya, Lavanya Coodly, Swaatee Singh, Chaitanya Rao, Kapardara, Sakshi Khetterpal, Nikhita Tandon, Label Prerna Mehra, Deme, Bhawna Rao, World of Gaya, Superna Samiya, EyeCandy by Pinky and Sheshank, Myriad Activewear.

Its features for the page are by Curio Cottage, Ansh Gems, Mozaati, Put Style, The Jewel Gallery, Sataara, Decorated Stories.

We are sending all our love and support to the beauty queen!

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