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Other ideas include a documentary about pageant history, the difficult task of playing the role of Miss Universe, and even a rom-com about a former winner who apparently met her partner on TikTok a month before he won the crown.

The annual Miss Universe broadcast will air in the US on Fox, and in Spanish on Telemundo, but a date for the next crowning has not yet been announced. In 2021, Miss Universe was watched by 2.7 million people on Fox, down from 3.8 million in 2019, the last time the pageant aired on the network due to pandemic cancellations. The broadcast also drew 1.5 million viewers on Telemundo. As with many live TV events, the viewership numbers continue to deteriorate, but the biggest obstacle of the broadcast is its image.

Emmerich points to the way the press and some of the organization’s past ownership—presumably Donald Trump’s particularly scandalous regime from 1996 to 2015—have perpetuated the pageant’s controversial image; however, you don’t believe it’s too late. Even the new Miss Universe tagline is a small start to what she says a woman’s vision can do to shape the future more in line with the organization’s progressive values: “Once upon a time, [the pageant] is about what we used to think of beauty. But really, we all know now beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and what matters is how you carry yourself; it’s trust.”

“Global brands face this challenge all the time,” says Timothy Calkins, a brand consultant and marketing expert at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. “I believe it is true that there are many places in the world where this competition is played. The problem is, on cultural issues like this, the US market has a big influence. And that’s true in terms of sponsors, in terms of media coverage. ”

While Calkins points out that many international brands are unable to succeed without an American audience, he believes that it is necessary for Miss Universe to fulfill its aspirations of becoming a big sport. Ad Age spoke with several media outlets, all of whom expressed the feeling that beauty pages are “very much on the map at this point” for US advertisers, with one buyer saying they “don’t think we have any customers who ask about them seriously.”

To increase partner appeal, Miss Universe directors are also looking forward to fan conferences, leadership conferences, travel packages and product licensing agreements—from beauty products tailored to each international market to the development of sashes. made sustainable. Miss Universe recently launched a collection of NFTs, and Emerich teased a potential “Miss Metaverse” spinoff, as the Web3 site took shape. To summarize, they want to shift the focus to women and their positive influence around the world, instead of the optics of the beauty contest, but without losing its entertainment potential for viral fandom.

“There is this competition, the page every year, but as we are talking about 365 days a year, it is more than that,” said Emmerich. He explained that the beginning to change the history of the organization outside of a broadcast, a three-hour broadcast, is to track the data of the influence of each representative on their territory throughout the year and turn it into the audience and brand partners.

“This is a country that loves data, and how do we use that to tell the story now?” asked Emmerich, noting that proof of impact is essential to changing the narrative, even as Shugart added that negative coverage from “the media is probably our main problem — people love fiction.”

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