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Gotham Knights currently has a number of issues, some of which are related to game optimization. This has caused more than a few issues, including unstable FPS on PC. From big ups and downs, players get a small number of frames.

Any permanent patch for the issues will have to come via updates from the developers, who have been busy looking for solutions. Players can also try some steps at the end to solve any problems that may occur. While the solutions are trial and error, some of them have worked for gamers.

Despite a lot of pre-release hype, the presentation has been poor, and fans are not happy. While the big question marks have been around the quality of the release, optimization, or the lack of it, has also caused problems. Let’s see what gamers can do to achieve higher FPS on PC and ensure minimal stuttering.

The performance of Gotham Knights on PC has been underwhelming

To get the best FPS in Gotham Knights, players can adjust the video settings. These will vary depending on the type of GPU card being used in the system.

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If the system has a midrange card, the following settings will perform better:

  • Maximum FPS limit: 60 FPS or higher
  • VSync: Off
  • Display mode: Full screen
  • Texture quality: Medium or lower
  • Viewing distance: medium or less
  • Effects Quality: Medium or lower
  • Shadow quality: low
  • Environmental density: Medium or lower
  • Post-Processing Quality: Low or Off
  • Dynamic Resolution: Off
  • Upscaling type: Off
  • HDR: Off

Those with higher-end cards will be able to harness more power and maintain better settings.

  • Maximum FPS limit: 60 FPS or higher
  • VSync: Off
  • Display mode: full screen without borders
  • HDR: Off
  • Resolution Quality
  • Dynamic Resolution: Off
  • Upscaling type: Off
  • Texture quality: high
  • Shades Quality: Medium
  • Effects quality: Medium
  • Post-processing quality: high
  • Viewing Distance: Medium
  • Environmental Density: High

Apart from in-game video settings, there are other things players can try to get better results.

Run in unbounded window

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It’s been a tried and tested method for a long time and it smoothes out the experience for many players. It doesn’t lose immersion like windowed mode does. It also produces larger frames than full-screen frames in titles with optimization issues. This could be a possible solution until the developers smooth out the issues of Gotham Knights.

Update your graphics card

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As basic as it sounds, an outdated driver can cause a number of issues when rendering any game. Some users resolved the FPS issue with an update to their graphics card drivers.

Enable VRR

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While this can only be done on applicable monitors, Variable Refresh Rate will help smooth out FPS fluctuations in Gotham Knights. NVIDIA and AMD users can enable the respective options from the game settings.

Basically, reducing the rendering resolution and text quality will also result in larger frames. However, it also means that the graphical fidelity of Gotham Knights will be reduced, which may upset players. The community will be hoping that the developers will fix some of the remaining issues after the official launch.

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