‘I want a bit of distance from the sport’: 8 GP winner Daniel Ricciardo wants 2023 future arranged before Abu Dhabi GP | Job Binary

Daniel Ricciardo has admitted he wants to take time off from F1 at the end of the current season, but wants it clear and settled before the Abu Dhabi GP.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Ricciardo would not be continuing his McLaren job beyond the current campaign. His performances for the Woking outfit have been poor since joining in 2021. As a result, McLaren pulled the plug early and decided to ax the Aussie despite having a year left on his contract.

Ricciardo’s young compatriot Oscar Piastri replaces him at McLaren. As for Ricciardo, he admitted there is no chance of him staying on the F1 grid in 2023. The 32-year-old’s most realistic option at the moment would be to sign up for a team as a reserve driver.

So far, he has been linked to reserve roles for Mercedes and Red Bull. However, nothing definite about his 2023 season has been revealed so far. This is something Ricciardo wants to find out before the season finale in Abu Dhabi next month.

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Daniel Ricciardo wants to spend some time away from F1

The last two years have been incredibly difficult for Ricciardo. His move to McLaren promised huge dividends, but he was beaten by Lando Norris in both years. Now that he will leave them at the end of 2022, he wants to take his time before deciding on his next move.

Ricciardo previously stated that he is not going to be in F1 just for the sake of it and wants to join a team that competes at the front. It will be difficult as most of the bigger teams currently have drivers on multi-year contracts. This is why the Perth-born driver prefers to stay away from the sport. However, he wants to stay in touch with events.

“There are still a few things up in the air,” he said in an interview Daily mail. “But over time it has become clearer. I want a little distance from the sport, although I want to keep in touch.”

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Where will Ricciardo be in 2023?

Earlier this season, some rumors suggested that Ricciardo would compete in other racing ventures. However, this was not the case. The former Red Bull driver insisted his dream of success in F1 remained stronger than ever. Now that a place for 2023 is not possible, he is focusing on returning in 2024.

The most likely destination for the 8 GP winner is currently Mercedes or Red Bull. However, if he stays in F1, it will only be as a reserve driver. Whatever the case, everyone in the F1 community would love to see the honey badger back as soon as possible.

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