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You use PAN card for banking services. PAN card is also used for identification and financial transactions., But if many times you get two PAN cards wrong, then do this solution.

You use PAN card for financial transactions and for your identity. Many times, people make one or more PAN cards by mistake. Although these PAN cards are made only on the basis of correct identification and details, but 2016 In the past, the Income Tax Department had received many complaints. In these complaints, possession of more than two PAN cards is revealed.

Having more than one PAN card can be punished

If a person has more than one PAN card, the Income Tax department says that for this 6 A minimum sentence of one month and 10 A minimum of Rs. There is a penalty. Both this punishment and the fine can be increased.

How to apply and how to get rid of

Removing more than one PAN card is not easy. Having more than one PAN card is illegal and fraudulent. To overcome this, you need to understand from which ward i.e. which zone your PAN card is issued.

PAN Card is mainly issued by Income Tax Department. Each PAN card has one ward. You can find the address of this ward by visiting the Income Tax Department site. After locating the ward, you can take an appointment with your ward officer.

It is an easy process. For understanding, If your PAN card is registered with the Income Tax Department office in Delhi, after finding your ward, you should visit the ward officer. Here you have to apply. with everyone 100 You have to give your and other PAN card details in Rs bond paper. The ward officer will verify your PAN card online and give you a receipt.

Along with the application, you have to submit your own and other original PAN cards. Sometimes PAN card is surrendered in this process 30 It takes more days. But, You should monitor this process. And by visiting the income tax department site, where there is PAN card status, you need to know the status of your PAN card.

In present era this entire process is also online., But to surrender the PAN card, you need to make a round to the Income Tax Department or the ward office of the PAN card.

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