Ikea threatens to sue maker of ‘infinite furniture store survival game’ | Job Binary

The store is closed (Opens in a new tab) is a survival game in development with a fun premise: you’re trapped inside an “infinite furniture store”, mutant workers are trying to kill you, and the only way to stay alive is to explore the corridors and use the furniture. craft weapons and fortifications. You’re not alone in that description at Ikea, the famous Swedish purveyor of build-your-own furniture and meatballs: In fact, founder Jacob Shaw referred to it as an “infinite Ikea game” on Reddit. (Opens in a new tab)like some of the sites and streamers reporting on the project.

Unfortunately for Shaw, the project was brought to the attention of the real Ikea, whose legal representatives have sent him a letter demanding that he change his game, and threatening to sue if he doesn’t.

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