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Gotham Knights is the latest title from WB Games Montreal and it’s hot for gamers today. Despite the controversy, the game has had a fair share of publicity, not to mention both positive and negative. 30FPS console talk aside, the game itself has some bugs and stability issues for PC as well. Now, a new patch has been released for PC that aims to improve all stability and performance issues. Also Read – Gotham Knights Releases Tomorrow: 30 FPS For Console, PC System Requirements & More

Gotham Knights’ new patch for PC aims to fix stability issues

Gotham Knights is getting its first patch for PC, which is said to fix a number of issues in general and co-op mode. It also fixes stability issues and UI fixes. Also Read – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been delayed again

Here are the patch notes.


  • When invincible enemies are playing a “meditation” animation, they will not appear in crimes.
  • Various UI issues are fixed.
  • Fixed issues with graphics settings not being applied correctly.
  • Various localization fixes.
  • Fixed specific keyboard/mouse input issues.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to join friends via invitations.


  • Various bug fixes throughout the title, most notably the STAR Labs “free the scientists” fight and the Harley Quinn Hospital Boss Fight.
  • Fixed AMD specific crash related to shadows.

Known issues:

  • There may be some compatibility issues with Nvidia Ansel that we are still investigating for this patch.

In addition to this, Gotham Knights console players have been assured to receive a patch. The patch, similar to PC, will fix various issues in the game for consoles. Nothing specific has been revealed.

On PC, however, gamers can enjoy a high preset of 60fps with cards like the Nvidia RTX 2070 or equivalent and a high-end CPU. If you haven’t played the game yet, you can check the full system requirements for PC here and maybe enjoy it this weekend.

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