Lebanese midwife at Abu Dhabi hospital has helped deliver 4,000 babies in 33 years | Job Binary

“The absolute love of my work and Corniche Hospital has made me work with even more responsibility,” he said.

Aoun said that the work of a midwife has been one of the most gratifying things for her. “Sometimes it has been challenging, like any other profession. But being in the UAE has helped a lot. Emirates has such a sophisticated system in place for medical professionals – be it rules and regulations or ethics. Everything is so clearly organized that it is easy to work here.”

She recalled how at the beginning of my career as a midwife, she did more than 12 shifts a day, 15 shifts a month.

“A midwife is a health care provider trained to provide obstetric and gynecological services, including primary health care, labor and delivery care, and routine gynecological care. Midwives take care of pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care and postpartum health. Some midwives also offer reproductive care such as pelvic exams, pap smears and more,” says Aoun, who completed her midwifery degree in 1987. She also completed her nursing degree in 1986.

“Being a midwife and supporting women during childbirth requires special skills. It takes a special love to give and share. Providing care and support to women during their labor is a very rewarding job. The thought that I have been able to help bring a new life into this world feels amazing,” he said.

Aoun has helped deliver more than 4,000 babies at Corniche Hospital to date.

Aoun remembered the moment one of his old patients recognized him by his voice. “The woman had given birth to her first child 15 years ago. I was a midwife. I talked to him constantly and I give him all my support. She returned to the hospital to give birth to her third child. When he met me again, he recognized my voice. She said she didn’t remember my face but my voice, she couldn’t forget because I talked to her all the time during her pregnancy. It touched my heart.”

Aoun said she is grateful for the support of her husband Rabih, who works as an IT consultant in Abu Dhabi. Her three children, all born in Abu Dhabi – not surprisingly at the Corniche Hospital – have also supported their mother’s busy working hours. “My son Michael is a mechanical engineer by profession, my daughter Tiffany works in a private company in the financial sector, and my second son Martin is in his first year at university. “Their success is also my success,” said Aoun.

Aoun said of one of the COVID heroes, he was ordered to set up the first isolation unit at the Corniche Hospital. He was also assigned to head the isolation department at the Abu Dhabi Hotel. “I received a certificate from the SEHA Group Nursing Officer about my position during the pandemic. It is a treasure and will always be close to my heart.”

Aoun said one of the biggest highlights of his long career at Corniche Hospital has been getting to understand different cultures. “Whether it’s my colleagues from around the world or my patients, I am so blessed to have met so many people from such diverse backgrounds. I don’t think I would have had that kind of exposure anywhere else.”

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