Miniclip, the home of childhood nostalgia, is finally dead | Job Binary

This boy o’ boy really hurts to report. Miniclip is dead. The website we used to know and love as the ultimate home for entertainment among kids and teens is mostly gone. It’s now a mere shell of what it once was, though the company Miniclip lives on as a mobile app. The web browser gaming website will be remembered as the disruptor of IT lessons and the cornerstone of gaming for many. Rest in peace.

The news broke on Twitter and I, like many others, ran to see if it was true. And unfortunately, when you go to Miniclip (Opens in a new tab)today it looks more like a random games website than a place of fun and excitement. Only two games remain: 8 Ball Pool and Slim pickings compared to what it once was.

Probably two factors led to this. The first is that Turn off Adobe Flash (Opens in a new tab) At the end of 2020. Flash Player is what many games lived on and if there wasn’t active support in games that could port to HTML 5, well, they died. Tragic, but people move on and forget about the little browser games they made, I hope.

(Image credit: Miniclip)

The other factor, of course, would be that young audiences today have a lot more media. It used to be rare for a child to have a dedicated device to access the Internet, but now it’s common. They have smartphones, iPads, and other gaming devices that occupy less time than going to places like Newgrounds, Nitrome, and, well, Miniclip. And Miniclip has followed its audience to these new gaming platforms.

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