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She made history last year when she became the first beauty queen to represent her country at the Miss Universe pageant. And now, as he prepares to choose his successor, Manar Nadeem Deyani says he wants aspiring candidates to know that it is not their appearances that will set them apart, but “the strength within”.

“Miss Universe has never been about physical beauty,” she said Country. “If you are a Miss Universe fan, you have to find your reason. Develop your confidence and identify the important messages you want to advocate for. It is also important to take care of your mental health because sometimes you can It’s hard with everyone watching. But you need to find your strength within and find your voice.”

Applications are now being accepted for the next Miss Universe Bahrain, to be held in July. While details are still scarce, the event is open to all aspiring beauty queens who are between the ages of 18 and 28, are single and hold a Bahraini passport.

A similar call for applicants last year was sent out for the Miss Universe UAE pageant, which is open to all UAE residents who have lived in the country for at least three years. More than 15,000 hopefuls applied, with 300 invited for auditions, but a winner was never crowned. The planned night out was eventually cancelled, with organizers saying it was “due to time constraints”.

Deyani, who lives in Dubai, was named the Bahraini ambassador soon after.

At the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, held in Eilat, Israel, the beauty queen not only made history as the first candidate to represent Bahrain, but also by boldly walking out on stage while swimming around in an active suit that is full. Deyani is highly praised for her move.

“I may be the shortest contestant in the history of Miss Universe, but I stand tall representing a country of love, peace and kindness – your first ever Miss Universe Bahrain,” the 155-centimeter tall beauty queen posted on Instagram earlier .

Her life has completely changed since the December incident, she said Country.

“The title does not only come with the crown, it comes with a great responsibility. Because many young women look up to people like me, it is important for me to leave a positive impact on everyone I meet,” he said.

“It has been a true honor to be the first-ever candidate to represent my country, Bahrain, on the world stage. This platform has given me the opportunity and opportunity to redefine what a modern Bahraini woman is, while show how beautiful Bahrain is and how deep we are in our culture.

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“On the work front, I have had opportunities that I would not have had access to before Miss Universe Bahrain. I also had the opportunity to visit the children at the Smile Train in the Philippines during the trip to Miss Universe. The Philippine government event .”

Deyani also hopes to continue with the projects he was involved with during his reign, as well as start his fashion label, with a focus on sustainability.

Josh Yugen, country director for Miss Universe Bahrain, said the upcoming event is a response to the “lots of positive feedback” his company received after Deyani’s participation, “especially with how she represents the modern Khaleeji woman on the international stage “.

“She made waves when she chose not to wear a traditional bathing suit in the premiere round of the show, which received a lot of support and recognition from the women and community she represented and the general fans of the show,” she said. .

Josh Yugen, national director of Miss Universe Bahrain.

“Because of this, the Miss Universe Organization has been gracious enough to grant us the Miss Universe Bahrain 2022 franchise to continue our mission of using this platform to educate, showcase and grow young women in various industries and elements to enhance their people, education and work and further provide them with experiences that will help them succeed further in their lives. “

Yugen said the competition will find “the best confident woman to represent the modern Bahraini woman” and someone who “knows how to speak her mind, knows what she believes in and knows that pretty confident”.

“We are here to revise the standards of beauty and the stereotypes around it. The latest edition of Miss Universe Bahrain is not like any other, we have provided very interesting and interesting activities to know more about the contestants come while they put their skills and talents to work through our unique mentoring program,” he said.

Deyani said he was happy to be crowned his successor.

“I would like to tell not only the aspiring Miss Universe Bahrain contestants, but all the Bahraini girls out there to wear their confidence as they wear their crowns, to focus and thrive on their own paths without the noise of the world to cause confusion. or bring them down. What is important is the message you carry for yourself and for others around you,” he said.

“Your confidence is your rock – the world can be cruel sometimes but it doesn’t make them right.”

To those who believe that beauty pageants are against Arab culture, he said that platforms like the Miss Universe pageant “exist to celebrate women of all cultures and origins”.

“It is encouraging and empowering them to go beyond limitations and grow experiences to build self-confidence and to prepare them to move forward in their lives and achieve great success,” he said.

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Update: March 16, 2022, 4:16 AM

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