Miss Universe Colombia 2022 María Fernanda Aristizábal has officially been crowned | Job Binary

Miss Universe Colombia 2022 María Fernanda Aristizábal has been officially crowned by last year’s title holder and Miss Universe Top 5 finalist Valeria Ayos.

A brilliant renewal event took place on Saturday, July 23 at the Catedral de Sal (Salt Cathedral) in the center of the Colombian city of Zipaquirá, in Cundinamarca.

María Fernanda was chosen as Miss Universe Colombia last April and the announcement was made in a press conference held at the Dann Carlton Hotel Medellin.

The 25-year-old beauty from Quindío is now ready to represent her country in the 71st Miss Universe pageant (Miss Universe 2022), three years after winning Señorita Colombia and unfortunately losing her chance to compete in Miss Universe 2020.

“You always have to fight to achieve dreams, you don’t have to give up, you have to inspire people to always achieve what they want and I think that has been me, an example, because I have wanted to do it that. dream and here I am here, with the crown of Miss Universe Colombia and at any time, in God’s time, I will go to represent my country in the best way. When at one point I thought I wouldn’t make it, here I am.”

Photo: Malavasi Photography / Miss Universe Colombia, María Fernanda Aristizábal / Instagram

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