Miss Universe revolutionized inclusion by allowing mothers and married women to compete in the pageant | Job Binary

After more than 70 years, the international Miss Universe pageant is making “compact” changes to its selection process.

Starting next year, the competition will allow married women and mothers to compete in the competition.

“We all believe that women should have agency over their lives and that personal decisions should not be a barrier to their success,” the page said in a statement.

The new rules will take effect for the 72nd Miss Universe pageant in 2023.

Before the law was changed, only women between the ages of 18 and 28 who were not married and did not have children, were allowed to compete for Miss Universe.

According to DirectorThe age bracket will remain the same despite the new changes.

Andrea Meza from Mexico, who was crowned Miss Universe in 2020, said that the new law is coming.

“I really love that this is happening,” he told the outlet. “As society changes and women are now occupying leadership positions where only men could previously, it is about time the pages are turned and opened to women who have families.

“There are many women who are married young or who have children in their early 20s and they always want to participate in Miss Universe but they can’t because of the rules,” Meza added. “Now those women can start or increase their careers in sports because of these changes.”

Last year’s Miss Universe was won by India’s Harnaaz Sandhu.

The 21-year-old model from Punjab represented India at the 70th Miss Universe pageant held in Eilat, Israel. She took the crown 21 years after actress Lara Dutta won the title in 2000.

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