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The winner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, Andrea Meza, said Wednesday that the next edition of the pageant to be held in Israel should not be politicized, amid pressure for the contestants to abandon their hopes for the crown and crash the event in part. solidarity with Palestinians.

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Meza, a 27-year-old who represents Mexico, told the Associated Press She won’t single out the women who signed up for this year’s pageant, but said she has no problem doing it in Israel, saying “she just wants to hug other women.”

Palestinian activist organizations such as PACBI, a founding member of the movement for cultural and educational abuse on Israel, call on candidates to “not harm our struggle for freedom, justice and equality by withdrawing from the page .”

Meza will relinquish the crown in December when the 70th Miss Universe pageant takes place in Eilat, Israel.

The Chief Critic

The South African government withdrew its support for Miss South Africa on Monday after the local pageant organizer and most recent winner, Lalela Mswane, refused to withdraw from the pageant earlier this week. Malaysia announced that it will not send an ambassador due to Covid-19, but the country has been a supporter of Palestinian rights, the AP news.

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Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, said that Israel was in contention as a host country “because of its rich history, beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures and appeal as a global tourist destination.” The BDS movement, which promotes children, desegregation and sanctions against Israel, has had mixed results in recent years, with some singers such as Lorde and Lana Del Rey canceling shows in the country, while the author Irish Sally Rooney refuses to have her most recent book translated. into Hebrew until he found a printed complaint with BDS’s “structural guidelines”.

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In Israel, Miss Universe said that the page has no place for politics (The Associated Press)

The government withdraws support for Miss South Africa for protesting Israel’s withdrawal (Reuters)

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