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Miss USA 2022, Fil-Am beauty queen R’Bonney Gabriel, insists that the pageant will not be soft: ‘There is no unfair advantage’

MANILA, Philippines – The Miss Universe Organization has suspended the organizers of the Miss USA pageant after allegations that the pageant, which was crowned by Filipina-American beauty R’Bonney Gabriel, was rigged.

According to reports by Daily Mail we had Fox News Digital, Miss Brand Corp., the company that set up the page, was suspended “immediately” after a “thorough investigation.” Miss Brand is headed by Miss USA 2008 Crystal Stewart.

“The Miss Universe Organization will take over the Miss USA program while a third party investigation is conducted. The investigation will be led by the law firm Holland & Knight, and the findings will be used as the basis for appropriate action,” the Miss Universe Organization said. Fox News Digital.

They added, “Our commitment to our competitors and fans is our priority, and we will make them even higher as we move forward.”

Stewart, who serves as director of Miss Brand and Miss USA, insisted that the accusation that she “endorsed one contestant over another is wrong and not true.” He told Fox News Digital that he “cooperates fully” with the investigation since he is “enthusiastic for all the allegations to be proven true.”

“The facts will speak for themselves; finally putting all the candidates’ minds at ease once and for all that this is indeed a fair page,” he said.

Following the Miss USA 2022 pageant on October 3, the pageant has been embroiled in controversy as many contestants said the winner was already decided before it was even announced during the pageant night. Miss Missouri Mikala McGhee said Daily Mail that the crowning of Gabriel was a move to engage the Filipino community.

Miss Montana Heather Lee O’Keefe shared that the other contestants “really feel that there is a bias toward Miss Texas USA.” [Gabriel] we had [they] have the certificates to prove it. ” Other contestants also opened up about how they felt “shameful” after joining the page.

O’Keefe also emphasized through an Instagram Live that the outing during the riot night was not planned. “We want to make it clear that we are in no way attacking R’Bonney as a person,” he said. “There is nothing against the girl who won Miss USA. We have no hard feelings against her. It’s not her fault. These are our issues with the organization as a whole.”

In an interview with E! report, Gabriel responded to the expectations and emphasized that it was nothing bad. “I will not enter any competition or any competition that I know I will win. I’m very stable,” he said. “I want to show, and I want everyone to know that there is no wrong opportunity and there is nothing wrong.”

R’Bonney Gabriel, 28, represented Houston, Texas at the Miss USA pageant. Following her Miss USA win, Gabriel is set to represent the USA in the Miss Universe pageant set for January 14, 2023. She will compete against Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi. – Rappler.com

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