New Miss Country And Former Miss India Are Opened By Steve Harvey Making Her Meow, Which Leads To A Backlash | Job Binary

Steve Harvey had a pageant gaffe a few years back when he accidentally declared the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant. That was 2015, and in the years that followed he quietly (or at least quietly) continued to host the page with only the occasional fanfare on the gig. That is until this year when Miss India was asked to do animal impressions instead of answering an important question. The Internet is not happy, but now the new Miss Universe herself has spoken out.

During this year’s competition, Miss India contestant Harnaaz Sandhu was asked to observe a cat. If you see the picture, he received a question from the host Steve Harvey in an effort and the people during the broadcast applauded, but the moment he left the viewers at home wondering why he was in Sam Hill the question was asked of him in the beginning. Very true Those viewers were upset by Steve Harvey’s line of questioninggiving other candidates are asked real questions about their plans and achievements.

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