Nuh, Cybercrime Hub: The Tribune India | Job Binary

With the cyber police converging on Haryana’s Nuh, dubbed as the country’s next Jamtara, there is hope that this cyber crime hub will soon be busted and the victims of online fraud will be brought to justice. After months, thousands of cybercrimes worth crores of rupees were discovered by the police in Nuh villages nestled in the Aravalli. The hills have, until then, provided fraudsters with a level of security as mobile call locations are difficult to locate. Investigations into online rackets run by hundreds of Nuh villagers reveal replicas of the pattern made familiar by the OTT series ‘Jamtara’, the expertise of the mostly illiterate youth of this Jharkhand district who are tricked into revealing their bank accounts through mobile phones. They are deceiving thousands of rupees by giving OTP details

Perhaps, operations are more ‘organised’ as many people in Nuh are vying for a share of the pie. This is exemplified by the fact that areas with good internet reception are being ‘rented out’ to fraudsters for their nefarious activities. While some specialize in making fake Aadhaar and PAN cards to get fake SIMs from remote locations, other gangs resort to a whole gamut of fraud from phishing, used auto purchases, honey-trapping, account hacking, social media hacking, online card cloning. and hacking digital lockers and tampering with identity cards. When law enforcement is working to eradicate this crime epicenter – as they did in Jamtara – this should be a lesson to everyone to always be vigilant, suspicious and wary of sharing financial and digital details with any stranger. He can see or sound. If still fraudulent, report it immediately.

As con artists are a step ahead in hacking their way through the multiple security walls set up for online transactions, awareness is key to curbing the surge in cybercrimes. The statistics suggest there are more Jamtaras and Nuhs to come: According to CERT-In, the agency that deals with cyber security threats, cybercrimes increased sevenfold between 2018 and 2021, and the first two months of 2022 alone reported more crimes than the whole of 2018. .

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