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The spooky season is already upon us thanks to the week-long Steam Next Fest of things to play (Opens in a new tab) demo event, between October 3 and 7. The launch of Overwatch 2 is also coming in early October, and then there’s a series of notable PC games: a new tactical RPG, a long-awaited horror game, a former PlayStation exclusive, the long-delayed Gotham Knights, the new Modern Warfare 2. , and more.

For a broader view of what’s still in store this year, visit our big 2022 games guide. Below, I’ve cataloged October’s most notable PC game releases, as well as some updates and events, such as Meta Connect, which will include an “unscripted” talk from John Carmack. (Opens in a new tab). (Whatever your take on the “metaverse,” you know a Carmack VR thought-leadership jam session will have a highlight or two. Last year (Opens in a new tab) commented on adult entertainment in the metaverse and told a story about playing Beat Saber with arm weights.)

October events and game updates

More October game releases

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