PAN Card Fraud: Woman gets Rs. 1 lakh | Job Binary

A 37-year-old teacher from Andheri paid Rs. 1.24 lakh on Tuesday due to PAN card fraud.

A woman named Urvashi Fetia resides in Andheri, Mumbai. Hindustan Times reported that the woman received 3 continuous OTPs for PAN card update on her mobile phone. The SMS also contained a link to her bank account.

A police officer from Andheri police station said, “When she opened the link, a one-time password (OTP) arrived on her mobile phone, which she entered as instructed in the SMS.”

As she entered the first OTP, she received 3 more OTPs. According to the police officer, as soon as she entered 3 OTPs, Rs. 1.24 lakh was withdrawn from her bank account in 3 transactions within 5 minutes. The woman later received a call from her bank confirming whether she had made the transaction. “Then the tuition teacher realized that she had been duped,” the police officer added.

The woman immediately reported the matter to the police. The officer said, “We are tracking the number and link from which the complainant received the SMS. When she clicked on the link, it gave the fraudsters full access to her phone through some mirroring app, and then they made transactions and received the OTPs needed to complete online banking transactions or perhaps sent the Google document that the fraudsters gave them. Access to her phone.”

Now Andheri Police is handling the case with the help of Cyber ​​Crime Department to catch these criminals who committed fraud.

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