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The top 10 contestants at the Miss Universe Jamaica pageant held at the AC Hotel Kingston on Saturday evening (Photos: Karl Mclarty)

TOSHAMI Calvin, 26, on Saturday evening was chosen to represent Jamaica in the Miss Universe pageant next year.

The event, which was held at the AC Hotel in Kingston, saw 20 women face off in the final. Come next year, however, the competition will have a different twist. Recently, Miss Universe organizers relaxed the requirements, making married women and mothers eligible to enter. Previously, only single women, between 18 and 28, who had never married or had no children, were allowed to apply.

For many patrons who attended Saturday’s event, this was a move forward.

“Today’s woman looks like many different things – different words. I think if we really want to provide real representation and inclusion, then I think what they are doing is a good step to take and I hope to see. What that’s going to look like in the next two years,” Christina Williams, president of the Graduate Student Association, told Attention Jamaica.

Toshami Calvin (centre), the newly crowned Miss Universe Jamaica, is flanked by first runner-up Rachel Silvera (left) and second runner-up Shanique Singh at the grand finale of the pageant held at the AC Hotel Kingston on Saturday night.

Developer Walter Kong regularly welcomes holiday requests for the page.

“I totally support that. I think maybe you’re not single, [or] if you are a mother if you are the same and can be classified in the beauty pageants to represent your country. There should be no difference between mothers and single women,” she told The Observer.

Rohan Silvera, managing director of Aspen Luxury Suites, also approved the new page rules.

“I think it’s a great idea, how to help set expectations for young girls. I know they’re empowering women and I think it’s an idea that better,” he said.

Toshami Calvin, 26, was crowned Miss Universe Jamaica by outgoing queen Daena Soares at the AC Hotel Kingston on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Maxine Sutherland, a fashion designer and rancher, says a move like that has been a long time coming.

“It’s the modern day so I don’t see why we should put limitations on who can do well in a field, rather than who can’t,” he told The Observer.

In an earlier interview, Miss Jamaica Universe (MUJ) President Mark McDermoth praised the Miss Universe franchise for the move.

“It’s very positive because women do everything they want. They can be involved in this organization with many life-changing points. They will have a strong voice, I feel, and people with a little round will in effect. I always think that the Representatives need more experience, and marriage, in my mind, it puts a great responsibility on the life of an individual. The competition will be something added and for me, it adds a dimension of responsibility. Title winners are better when they have more of the title of responsibility to their lives. It gives them more power,” he said.

Rachel Silvera (left) holds hands with Toshami Calvin while waiting for the judges to name the winner of Miss Universe Jamaica. Then Calvin was the winner and will represent Jamaica in the Miss Universe pageant in 2023.

Saturday’s final also saw Rachel Silvera and Shanique Singh place second and third, respectively.

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