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President’s Choice Financial is the financial services brand of Canadian supermarket chain Loblaw Companies. In general, they promote the good financial well-being of their customers. They aim to simplify financial products and provide unprecedented value with enriching products. PC Financial does not charge an annual fee for their services and offers a great rewards program through PC Optimum Rewards. Generally, for those who shop at computer stores, this is a great program that can be redeemed at all major grocery and drug stores.

Financial advantages of PC

Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of using PC Financial services.

No monthly fees

Rewards cards offered by President’s Choice Financial are available with no monthly or annual fees. This is a great benefit of participating in their rewards program, so you won’t pay any fees to join their rewards program as a PC Optimum member and earn free groceries with your daily spending.

Cash back and reward options

As we mentioned, the rewards opportunities that come with using one of PC Financial’s cards are the main attraction of their service. By purchasing in-store at a qualifying location or by loading offers, customers can earn one PC Optimum point per dollar spent, which can be redeemed in-store or online at participating stores.

Dedicated Support

There are several ways to contact the PC Financial team for any issues you may have. They are available via chat, email, mail or phone.

Free Transactions and Interac E-Transfers

Customers can use PC Financial services for free transactions and within the Interac eTransfers app to friends and family.

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PC Financial Accounts

Let’s take a look at some of the online banking services offered by PC Financial.

PC Money Account

The PC Money account is a good option for people who want to make rewards on debit card purchases. Customers can earn 10 points per dollar spent at grocery stores, up to 25 points per dollar at Shoppers Drug Mart, up to 10 points per dollar everywhere else and up to 5,000 points on monthly bill payments.

Customers can fund their account via an Interac eTransfer from their bank account, shop with the card online or in store to earn points and redeem them however they want. Additionally, all account details and points balances can be viewed from the PC Financial mobile app.

PC Mastercard account

The PC Financial Mastercard makes it easy to collect PC Optimum points wherever you shop. For use, the PC Financial Mastercard earns up to 25 points per dollar spent at Shoppers Drug Mart, up to 10 points per dollar spent at grocery stores, up to 30 points per gallon of gas purchased, up to 10 points per dollar spent anywhere. otherwise, and up to 20 points per dollar at PC Travel.

In addition, PC Financial credit card holders can earn bonus points when they make purchases during certain bonus events or when they load certain rewards before shopping. As with any other credit card, applicants must qualify with the credit card company before receiving it and using it to collect computer points.

A quick overview of PC finances

Here is a quick overview of the great benefits of using the cards offered by PC Financial.

PC finance logo

Best Overall Value

  • Free rewards program for everyday spending
  • Compatible with Apple Pay
  • PC Optimum Points can be easily managed in the PC Financial app

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PC Finance Customer Reviews

PC Financial does not have high customer reviews on Trustpilot. Let’s take a look at some of the things they have to say about their service with the bank.

PC finance has the worst customer service!!! Promise customers and keep them hanging for almost a month. Always saying someone will call and so far no one has called!!! Nonsensical manager online or phone calls. I suggest you fire your manager if they can’t even help customers!!!

Mary Ann

I lost my card and called them and they transferred me and the call was dropped. This happened 3 times. Each wait to access customer service was 30 minutes-1 hour. And when I finally got through to someone they said they needed to check on something and would call me back? Strange, he didn’t even stop. So here I am waiting for the 4th to call. I wasted so much time. Wow


PC FINANCIAL IS THE WORST BANK I HAVE EVER MET. Don’t waste your time! The customer service is awesome. No one seems to know what is going on with my bank account. I can’t get online and there’s no branch to log into so I’ve had no money for two weeks. I was promised someone would call me three times and no one has! I have waited hours for it to get to the right department even though it was cut and hung! I have been very patient and polite the whole time too. No one seems to know what is going on. I tried emailing you, but I haven’t heard back in two weeks! I’ve been on LinkedIn trying to find a CEO or someone to talk to, but no one shows up !! PC FINANCIAL IS A JOKE!


It doesn’t even deserve a star. Very poor customer service. I closed an account a year ago and for some reason the money was credited to my account from the beginning of July 2022. They never returned the money to the sender. They promise to send me a check. I have never received a check and every time I call there is no supervisor available. They promise someone will call me. After two weeks I’m still waiting. Every time I call now, the agent transfers me to another one without help, and I wait over 2 hours.


PC Financial Services Review

PC Finance review

Review of PC Financial

General price and value 92%
Cost value 100%
Customer Service 80%
Ease of use 90%
Internal Features 95%

Let’s take a final look at whether PC Financial is right for your needs.

Is this brand right for you?

So are PC Financial services like PC Financial Mastercard and others right for you? If you’re a frequent shopper at computer stores, this can be a great way to earn rewards without having to use a credit card. Even if you enjoy the other benefits that come with credit cards, a Master Card may be a good choice.

Cost value

As they offer a free service with no annual fee, having a PC Financial Mastercard or PC Optimum card or any other card gives users a lot of rewards in return. Therefore, the cost value associated with this service is top notch, and they can also get free groceries through Optimum points.

Customer service

There are several ways to contact a PC Financial customer service representative, although many of our customer reviews mention an unfortunate customer service experience. You can contact them via chatbot, phone, email or post. While we can’t say for sure that they have the worst customer service, customer reviews show that it’s difficult to speak to a customer service representative.

Ease of use

It’s very easy to manage and monitor your spending habits and take care of your personal finances within the app. From there, you can make any balance transfer, view your dollar balance on your computer card, and make the minimum payment. All in all, they’ve made it easy to track your finances in one easy-to-use app.

Internal Features

The features on these cards are great and help cardholders earn rewards on everyday purchases, all with no annual fee. In the app, customers can monitor their finances, view balances, make transfers and more. All these great features are available free of charge, which is a huge benefit for cardholders.


PC Financial Services offers great rewards cards for everyday shoppers. Through Debit Card or Mastercard, customers can enjoy rich rewards on real transactions.

How to open a computer account

You can apply for PC Mastercard or PC online in a couple of minutes. Customers must qualify with Mastercard to receive the PC Financial World Mastercard or other cards offered, although a PC Money account can be applied for through the website.

Top 2 PC Finance Alternatives

Motive Finance Alterna Banka PC Finance
Prize The best digital bank Best for online mortgages Best Rewards Program
Monthly Fee $0 $4 $0
Features Overview 50 free personalized checks, unlimited withdrawals, free use of THE EXCHANGE network ATMs 20 transactions per day, free e-Statements, fee for personalized checks No annual fee, rewards on everyday purchases, free Interac eTransfers
Classification 4.6/5 4.7/5 4.5/5
Detail Read the Review Read the Review Read the Review

Visit the website

Visit the website

Visit the website

Motive Finance

Motive Financial is an online bank, a division of Western Bank of Canada, that does not operate physical branches. All of their services can be easily accessed online, making it easy to manage personal financial matters. They are also known for their high savings rates and understand that everyone has their own financial goals.

Alterna Banka

Alterna Bank is an organization that focuses on customer needs and success over profitability. They are known for their transparency and offer Canada’s first fully digital mortgage. In addition, they offer options for other types of services, such as a current account, savings account, etc.


With no annual fee, the PC Financial Optimum Points program is a great option for Canadian shoppers who frequent PC ownership stores. If that’s not the case for you, there are other reward cards available if you don’t intend to redeem PC Optimum Points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many points can you earn with a PC Financial Mastercard at Shoppers Drug Mart?

At Shoppers Drug Mart, you can earn 25 points per dollar with the PC Financial Mastercard.

Besides PC Financial Mastercard, do they offer other credit card options?

Another credit card offered by the company is the PC World Elite card. This credit card requires an annual income of $80,000 per person, or $150,000 per family per year. Cardholders will earn PC Optimum Points with this PC Mastercard. There is also the PC Financial World Mastercard, which has a lower minimum income requirement.

How can earning PC Optimum Points be redeemed?

You can redeem points on your computer at any participating store or online as soon as you have 10,000 points.

Can I get cash advances with my PC card?

If you have one of the computer credit cards, you will be able to access a cash advance for a small fee, although this will be at a higher interest rate. So you will have to pay the interest fee if you go this route.

Is there insurance coverage on the money I put into PC Financial?

President’s Choice Bank is a member of the CDIC, which means all depositors are eligible for protection of up to $100,000 per depositor per insured category.

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