People are spending $40 on the black market for Modern Warfare 2 Burger King skins | Job Binary

The first time I thought about Burger King in a while was this week, when the fast food giant teamed up with Activision for a truly awesome Call of Duty promotion: buy a burger, get an exclusive operator skin. Based on the fictional fast food chain Burger Town. My hopes were dashed (and my colon was grateful) when I realized what was supposed to happen 40 countries (Opens in a new tab) Serving up a Call of Duty meal, the United States is not among them.

Of course, Call of Duty players were quick to prove that if there’s any exclusive goodness, regional marketing differences won’t get in the way. Shortly after the start of the Burger King/MW2 promotion, the Burger Town cover lists (Opens in a new tab) It started appearing for sale on Ebay. At the time of publication, more than 30 Burger King codes have been sold between $20-$40. Apparently, the codes themselves they are not region locked (Opens in a new tab)so those who are out of the promotion can enter the official Call of Duty site to claim the rewards.

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