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  • Hosted in partnership with PureHealth, the Forbes Middle East Healthcare Summit brings together healthcare leaders, industry leaders and innovators.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: PureHealth, the largest integrated healthcare platform in the United Arab Emirates, today announced that it will partner with Forbes Middle East for its second annual Healthcare Summit to be held in Abu Dhabi on December 13 and 14, 2022.

The Forbes Middle East Healthcare Summit brings together leaders, physicians, academics and providers of services, solutions and care from across the industry to discuss the future of healthcare.

The summit will host a variety of panel discussions showcasing recent advancements in healthcare and technology in the MENA region, as well as other technological developments currently underway.

PureHealth’s partnership with the Forbes Middle East Healthcare Summit is in line with its commitment to transform the country’s healthcare industry by improving average health and helping people live longer, healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. Committed to the science of longevity, PureHealth works to utilize technology and knowledge to embed optimal health solutions seamlessly and proactively into the lifestyles of the people it serves.

Shaista Asif, Chief Operating Officer, PureHealth Group, said, “At PureHealth, we are committed to embracing bold innovation to improve health, redefine value-based healthcare and serve humanity through the gift of longevity and longer healthcare – paving the way for humanity to live longer and healthier lives. When embracing Industry 4.0 and approaching technological uniqueness, PureHealth is revolutionizing the healthcare of the future – moving from medical treatment to preventive care. At PureHealth, our North Star is longevity, making Abu Dhabi a country of longevity where people will live longer, healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Shaista added, “Firmly believing that future generations will not have access to healthcare as they do today, PureHealth is laying the foundation for building the healthcare ecosystem of the future. This will be the focus of our discussions at the Forbes Middle East Healthcare Summit. We look forward to informed discussions with our colleagues and industry players at the summit.”

Khuloud Al Omian, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Middle East, commented: “We are excited to announce this event in partnership with PureHealth, which brings together healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi and shines a light on some of the most thought-provoking elements of the industry, which is constantly evolving and changing with the new normal. We aim to make hence the region’s most innovative and problem-solving healthcare platform with the support of our public and private sector partners.

Over the past decade, there have been several technological breakthroughs in the field of medicine and clinical practice. The global pandemic posed a major challenge to the healthcare industry and accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare delivery and solutions. The Forbes Middle East Healthcare Summit focuses on these emerging trends.

Likewise, it highlights technological innovations in the field that have enhanced healthcare delivery and enabled professionals to cross physical boundaries to provide medical advice and assistance regardless of the patient’s location.

The increased use of data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Medical Affairs paves the way for rapid care management and significant reductions in patient deaths by enabling remote patient monitoring and real-time access to patient information to discuss.

As health technology evolves, it provides more and more information about clinical practices, patient care, diagnosis, treatment outcome predictions, drug development, and hospital management processes that are discussed and debated at the summit.


About PureHealth

By advancing the science of longevity, PureHealth showcases the future of healthcare from the UAE to the rest of the world. PureHealth is the largest integrated healthcare platform in the UAE, with an ecosystem that challenges lifetimes and reimagines health cycles. More than 28 hospitals, 100+ clinics, multiple diagnostic centers, insurance solutions, pharmacies, health technology, acquisitions, investments and much more.

With pioneering innovations at the forefront of healthcare, the company’s mission is to free up time for humanity.

PureHealth’s network of healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates includes:

  • SEHA – Abu Dhabi Health Services Company – one of the largest healthcare networks of hospitals and clinics in the UAE
  • Daman – National Health Insurance Company, the leading health insurance company in the UAE
  • Medical Office – Oversees Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals and Health Care Facilities established under the initiative of HH the President of the United Arab Emirates
  • Rafed – UAE’s largest healthcare group purchasing organization
  • Pure Lab – Management and operation of the largest laboratory network in the region
  • Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center – a specialized medical center focused on cell therapy and regenerative medicine
  • One Health – a sales, service support and engineering network that provides medical solutions to over 300 healthcare providers.
  • The Life Corner – Abu Dhabi’s first comprehensive pharmacy serving a health and wellness center

For more information, visit www.purehealth.ae

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