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Rain World Downloadable content “Downpour” will launch for PC via Steam on January 19, publisher Akupara Games and developer VIDEOCULT announced.

“I’m really happy with that the rain, Rain World‘s developers are focusing on that side of the community (modding) now,” lead programmer Andrew Marrero said in a press release. “There’s always been a bit of a divide in the video game industry with mods, with some developers embracing them, other developers quickly they close This means a lot to all of us Rain World‘s developers are willing to take the community’s work to such an extent that this level of collaboration is not something you see very often.”

Here’s an overview of the downloadable content and gameplay, via Akupara Games:

Rain World: Rain he spills the beans on his loyal player who has been with them for the past five years. The downloadable content implements fully fleshed-out modes created and modified by the community, but also adds Steam Workshop support and a built-in content manager to give players the freedom to control how they want to explore. Rain World.

One of the most influential modders in the game community, Andrew Marrero, helped bring it Rain World: Rain to realize Working on the original “More Slugcats” mod, Andrew stepped in to help VIDEOCULT fully integrate these mods into “Downpour” and help create the next addition. Rain World. As lead programmer, Andrew brought together the talents and work of modders like Garrakx and LeeMoriya to create a wide range of downloadable content. Rain World

In Rain World, you are a nomadic slugcat, both predator and prey in a fractured ecosystem. Grab your spear and brave the industrial waste, hunting for enough food to survive, but beware: other large creatures have the same plan…and the slugs look delicious.

The “Downpour” downloadable content includes hundreds of new maps in ten new regions; five new playable characters with unique mechanics, stories and endings; two new game modes; and the local cooperative.

The full list of key features is as follows:

  • Breaking new ground to explore – Survive and explore ten vast new regions with thousands of new maps, environments, creatures and weather anomalies to discover.
  • Five additional characters – Each has unique abilities, skill sets, playstyles and storylines.
  • Challenge mode – Put your survival to the test in various pre-built scenarios, adjusting for each room as the difficulty increases.
  • Safari mode – Watch an ecosystem unfold! Revisit safely explored areas through the eyes of an observer; control and play with other creatures in the game to influence the scene.
  • Jolly Co-Op – Up to four local players can explore and survive the entire base game campaign in this local co-op mode. See if the power of friendship can overcome a treacherous world Rain World.

Rain World It is currently available for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via Steam and GOG. A console release date for “Downpour” has yet to be announced, but news is “coming soon.”

Watch a new trailer below.

PC release date trailer

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