Razer Deathadder V3 Pro Gaming Mouse Review | Job Binary

With over 15 million units sold since its inception, the Razer Deathadder has definitely earned its place in the gaming mouse hall of fame and at the top of our best gaming mouse guide. (Opens in a new tab). There have been many iterations and variations of the legendary mouse and with the latest, the Deathadder V3 Pro, Razer doesn’t mess with a winning formula. In fact, it has doubled down on everything that gave the Deathadder its name: excellent ergonomics and professional-level performance.

Razer has taken the Deathadder to the gym, trimmed the fat, stripped the weight and ripped the muscle to create a lean and mean clicking machine. The design changes are quite subtle, but enough to offend some Deathadder die-hards. Gone are the mouse buttons and smooth shell, in favor of a slimmer, less aggressive profile that has more in common with the Viper Ultimate than previous Deathadders.

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