Received a message from ‘SBI’ to update your PAN details? It is fake’ said the government | Job Binary

Recently, several people have received a message from ‘State Bank of India’ (SBI) stating that their YONO account with the bank has been deactivated and asking them to update their Permanent Account Number (PAN) card details for reactivation. Account. But, as expected, this message is fake and the central government has also clarified this on Saturday.

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“A #fake message issued in the name of SBI asking customers to update their PAN number to avoid blocking their account. Never respond to emails/SMS asking to share your personal or banking details,” said PIB Fact Check, the official Twitter handle of the central government to dispel misinformation on government policies and schemes. , informed.

“SBI never asks for personal details through messages,” it added.

Citizens are requested to report such messages by writing an email to or by calling the helpline number 1930.

Meanwhile, the viral text message said: “Dear customer your SBI YONO account is closed today contact now and update your PAN number at the link below’. It also has the name of the ‘sender’: Rajesh.

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Also, there is not a single punctuation mark in the message, which gives away that it is actually fake.

What is SBI Yono?

YONO, meaning ‘only you want’ is an integrated digital platform developed by SBI. It was launched in December 2017, and enables users to access various financial and other services like booking (flight, train, taxi), online shopping, medical bill payments, etc.

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The platform is available as a smartphone app for Android and iOS devices.

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