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A VR version of Resident Evil Village could be coming to the PC platform. Capcom officially announced that they would be bringing Resident Evil Village to PSVR 2 in their state of affairs. Earlier Resident Evil7 got a VR version which was only available for PlayStation 4.

Resident Evil Village VR for PC

Neither RE7 nor 8 have been officially released for VR on the PC platform. This feat has only been achieved by mods so far. Although the mods work really well, but getting an official version would be cool. Reddit data miner litbeep did some research on the executable files for the latest update and found references to RE Village for SteamVR.

Resident Evil Village VR files in executable files
Data mine reveals Resident Evil Village 8 files for PC

With the release of the new RE: Village update, I did some digging through the executable file and noticed several strings referencing OpenVR and SteamVR, with some mention of popular HMDs. Interestingly, we can also see components relating to PSVR.

At first, I thought this may simply be leftover from the development of the PSVR2 version of Village, somehow. But if you look at the history for the app on SteamDB, you'll notice they actually went in and added the "VR" tag themselves.

Resident Evil Village VR file on STteamDB
Resident Evil 8 VR PC File on SteamDB

Yes, the files could have been added by mistake or the developers forgot to remove them later. But, adding the file to SteamDB doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. We’ve already seen that the game works perfectly with VR mods. So getting developers to officially optimize for VR on PC should be no mean feat.

But for now, take everything with a grain of salt, as there hasn’t been anything official from Capcom. Resident Evil 7 was also adapted for PC VR, but didn’t get an official release, so the same could happen with RE Village. We’re very happy with all this news from Capcom and hope to see the VR version come to PC.

Do you think Resident Evil Village VR will be officially available for PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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