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TORONTO, Sept. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Richardson Wealth Limited (“Richardson Wealth”), RF Capital Group Inc. (TSX: RCG) announces that it has acquired an aggregate ownership of 10.08% of the Class A units of Symphony Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund (TSX: RCG) on behalf of its managed accounts. TSX: SSF.UN) (“stock“).

Richardson Wealth acquired 17,600 Class A units of the Fund through transactions executed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and client account transfers. Richardson Wealth had net sales of 4,200 Class A units at an average unit price of $7.57 and received 21,800 Class A units from client account transfers. Prior to these transactions, Richardson Wealth owned approximately 743,899 Class A shares of the fund.

Richardson Wealth owns 761,499 Class A units of the Fund, representing approximately 10.08% of the Fund’s 7,556,582 outstanding Class A units.

Richardson Wealth buys and sells securities for the benefit of its managed accounts for investment purposes only and not with the intent to influence the control or direction of the fund. Richardson Wealth regularly conducts an analysis of investable securities and may purchase additional securities or dispose of the Fund’s securities based on such analysis.

A copy of Richardson Wealth’s advance warning report filed with respect to its interest in the Fund is available on the Fund’s SEDAR profile at or by contacting Rocco Colella at (416) 941-0894;


RF Capital Group Inc. is a wealth management company listed on the TSX (TSX: RCG). Operating under the Richardson Wealth brand, it is one of Canada’s largest independent wealth management firms, with $34.8 billion in assets under management (as of August 31, 2022) and 20 offices across the country. The firm’s advisory teams are focused on providing customized strategic wealth advice and innovative investment solutions exclusively for high net worth or ultra high net worth families and entrepreneurs. RF Capital Group is committed to maintaining exceptional fiduciary standards and has received certification from the Fiduciary Center of Excellence for its Separately Managed and Portfolio Management Account platforms. Richardson Wealth has also been recognized for the past three years as a Great Place to Work™, a Best Place to Work for Hybrid 2022, a Best Place to Work for Women in 2021, a Best Place to Work in Canada and a Best Place to Work for Mental Health. For more information, visit and

For more information: RF Capital Group Inc., Rocco Colella, Managing Director, Investor Relations, Tel: (416) 941-0894;

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