Stick of Dead Prez shares the keys to inner wealth in his new book, The 5 Principles of the Revolutionary Way. | Job Binary

Khnum “Stick” Ibomurevolutionary, but better known as Stic, from hip-hop duo Dead Prez. Hip Hop & Enterprise sharing the gems found in his new book 5 principles: A revolutionary path to health, inner wealth and self-realization.

The award-winning rapper, producer and champion of healthy living has inspired millions with his music and lifestyle, and now he’s sharing his life wisdom in his new self-help guide. Stic uses his comparative, non-preachy, proactive and integrative approach to wellness to explain the 5 Ps of education, nutrition, exercise, rest and consistency.

The book serves as a customizable road map for enjoying the discipline of healthy living. The rapper hasn’t always been a public champion of healthy living in hip-hop. As a young rapper growing up in the late ’90s, Stick was no stranger to a self-destructive lifestyle of heavy drinking, weed abuse, poor diet, and many stressful days and sleepless nights.

Her lifestyle decisions at the time eventually led to a dangerous diagnosis of gout. Faced with the choice of continuing the cycle of misery or making revolutionary changes, Stick embarked on a radical change in his lifestyle.

“Health is a very personal journey,” Stick said BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“Right. You know, there are all kinds of fads, fads, and trends out there. My journey was this customized identity. Health and fitness is something you should be right for.”

What he has learned and gained over three decades is reflected in his new book and cultural movement. RBG FIT CLUB. Ever the pioneer, Stic creates his own new genre of music called “Fit Hop” where he uses his lyrical ability to encourage movement through hip-hop culture.

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